Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Multi color with DIY velvet

This is just a random multi color nail design I did last week. I made a DIY velvet on my middle finger. I love to put different colors and textures together. To create this look, you will need a white creme polish, a sandy beige creme polish, a light blue polish, a dark brown creme polish, a gray creme polish, a gold shimmer polish, a stamper and a plate or nail art pen, a gold stud and some white velvet powder. I know it looks like a lot, but you can always have alternatives. Sorry for the super low quality of the photos. In these photos, the large white flower on my index finger doesn't really show because i used a wrong white polish to stamp. I actually got a better result with another white polish on my right hand which I should have taken photos of but I didn't.

1. Apply base coat to all fingers.
2. Apply beige polish to your thumb.
3. Apply light blue polish to you index finger.
4. Apply white polish to your middle and ring finger.
5. Apply gold shimmer polish to your pinky.
6. Put a tiny drop of clear polish on your thumb where you want your stud at. Use a stick or toothpick to set a gold stud on it.
7. Use a Konad stamper to stamp a flower on your index finger with white polish. Then, stamp a smaller flower with dark brown polish, overlapping part of the white flower.
8. On the ring finger, use striping tape to make a pattern of your choice. Use a dotting tool to fill in the gaps with all four colors, beige, dark brown, gray and gold. Remove the stripping tapes carefully.
9. Apply top coat to all your fingers except your middle.
10. Apply a coat of white polish on your middle finger. Before it dries, use a tong to pick up the white velvet powder and release them right on your nail. Repeat for any bald spots. You can gently tap your finger to shake off the excess but do not touch it until it dries. After it dries, use a brush to brush off the excess. Do not apply top coat because it will ruin the fluffy velvet texture.

The velvet nail will only last for a day or two. Just like other textured nails, I prefer doing them on ring finger or pinky. Avoid using your ring finger and pinky is so much easier than your other three fingers. This time I did the middle ones though. Don't worry about washing your hands because it doesn't affect the result that much. Of course, you will lose some velvet powders but you will lose them eventually no matter if you wash your hands or not. 

For the alternatives:
No velvet powder? Paint your middle finger with white creme polish. Add a gold stud on it.
No gold stud? Use a dotting tool to put a tiny drop of gold shimmer polish instead.
No Konad stamper? Use nail art pen to draw the flowers on your nail.
No striping tape? Use scotch tape and cut them into very thin strips.

Things used:
Sandy beige polish: Essie yogaga 949
Light blue polish: Essie borrowed & blue 746
White polish (also used for stamping): Sally Hansen Xtreme wear white on 300
Dark brown polish: Essie little brown dress 728
Gray polish: Ulta concrete evidence
Gold shimmer polish: Sally Hansen Xtreme wear Golden-I 485
Stamping plate: Konad m60 (sorry, I forgot to include this one in the picture)
White velvet powder, 5mm heart shaped gold studs

Thank you very much for reading. I hope you like my post and find it useful. Please follow me on pinterest or instagram to keep you updated. Thank you.

(I am not paid and all the materials I used in this post were bought using my own money.)

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