Friday, August 9, 2013

Easter color French tip

This is my first tutorial. I pulled out some photos from a nail I did a while ago. I called it Easter color French tip. In this picture, it looks like the color on the thumb and ring finger are the same but actually they are not. I also put up the photos of the nail polish itself. In that photos, you can see the colors are quite different. Sorry for the quality of the photos. I didn't thought of doing a tutorial when I took them.

French tip colors
Thumb: Essie absolutely shore 758
Index finger: China glaze lemon fizz 871
Middle finger: Essie a crewed interest 790
Ring finger: Essie borrowed & blue 746
Pinky: China light as air 863
On whole nail: Essie pink glove service 545
Silver line: Kiss nail art paint vernis

1. always put basecoat on your nail. 
2. Use scotch tape to cover the the bottom part of the nail.
3. Paint the tips with five different colors.
4. Right after finish painting the tips, remove the scotch tape carefully before they dry.
5. Paint the whole nail with a sheer pink polish.
6. Use the silver nail art liner to draw a line in between the sheer pink and the colored tips. (If you don't have a liner, you can use a nail art pen with a silver glitter nail polish.) 
7. Finish with a top coat.
Remember to let the polish dry In between layers.

Nail polish used:

I hope you liked my tutorial and found it useful. Any comments and suggestions are welcome. Please come back for more tutorials. Thank you very much.

(I am not paid and all the materials I used in this post were bought using my own money.)

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