Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nude peach with colors and hearts

This time I did a nail design based on a nude peach creme polish. I added some white, some black, some mint, some glitter and gold. I got a lot of complements on these. I hope you will like it also. This design does require a little bit of free hand technique which I am so bad at. Please excuse me for my not so perfect drawings. And I made a mistake by putting on top coats before the polishes dried. You can see my black heart is bleeding... Remember to let them dry thoroughly before putting on top coats.

Nude Peach with Colors and Hearts 

To achieve this look, you will need a nude peach creme polish, a mint creme polish, a white creme polish, a black creme polish, a black nail art liner or nail art pen with black polish, a silver or gold glitter, a silver or gold stud and some striping tapes or some more nail art pens.

Nude Peach with Colors and Hearts tutorial

First, apply base coat to all your nails.
1 & 2. Apply nude peach polish the thumb, index finger and pinky. Apply mint polish on the middle finger. Apply white polish to the ring finger.
3. Paint the upper left corner of the index finger white. Draw two curves at the edge as shown in the photo. Use a dotting tool to draw polka dots on the middle finger with white polish. Use striping tape on the ring finger. Skip the striping tape if you are using nail art pen instead.
4. Fill in the gaps with mint polish, nude peach polish and glitter polish. Or you can simply use nail art pen to draw thin lines on the ring finger.
5. Draw a heart with black polish on the thumb.
6. Put a tiny drop of clear polish in the center of the pinky. Use a stick or tooth pick to set the stud on it.
7. Use a nail art liner or nail art pen with black polish to draw a loop with a heart on the index finger.
8. Finish with top coats.

Nude Peach with Colors and Hearts

The most difficult part is drawing the loop, especially with your left hand. I used a very fine point dotting tool to help when I did my right hand. And I found it easier to use a liner to draw lines than using striping tapes. If executed perfectly, the striping tape method gives you clean and striaght lines. However, it requires more work and time, and you have to work fast because it is hard to cleanly remove the tapes after the polishes dry. So, I think it might be better to draw the lines directly on the nail with some nail art pens. When I was choosing the color palatte of this design, I couldn't decide on gold or silver glitter. They both look good with other colors. So, I chose this sparklicious by Loreal which has both gold and silver glitter in it. That is why I said you need a gold or silver glitter polish. This is really up to you. Remember to use a matching stud on your pinky.

Thing used:
Nude peach polish: Essie a crewed interest 790
Black polish: wet n wild Wild Shine black creme 424A
Black nail art liner (optional): Sinful Colors black
Mint polish: china glaze re-fresh mint 867
White polish: wet n wild Wild Shine 449C
Glitter polish: Loreal sparklicious 605
5mm heart shaped gold studs

Essie a crewed interest nail polish

Thank you very much for reading. I hope you like my post and find it useful. Please follow me on pinterest and instagram to keep you updated. Thank you.

(I am not paid and all the materials I used in this post were bought using my own money.)

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