Monday, September 16, 2013

Icy blue

This week I don't have a theme for my nails. So, I just randomly picked some colors and create this nail design. This is a very simple design and doesn't require much skills and tools. To achieve this look, you will need a sheer white polish, three different shades of mint blue polishes and a silver white textured polish.

icy blue with opi liquid sand solitaire

1. Apply base coats to all your nails.
2. Apply sheer white polish on your thumb and ring finger.
3. Apply one of the mint blue polish on your index finger.
4. Apply another mint blue polish on your middle finger.
5. Apply silver white texture polish on your pinky.
6. Use a dotting tool to put some dots on your ring finger with all three of the mint blue polish to create a heart shape.
7. Apply top coats to all your nails except your pinky which has the textured polish.

icy blue with opi liquid sand solitaire

Some alternatives:
1. If you don't have three different shades of mint blue, you can use two or even one. When drawing the dotted heart, use different sizes of dots instead of different colors.
2. Use the round end of a toothpick or a bobby pin if you don't have a dotting tool.
3. Use a white shimmer polish if you don't have a textured polish. Or apply a thin coat of silver glitter over white polish.
4. I chose a sheer white instead of a white creme because I think a sheer white gives a more icy feeling than an opaque white creme. However, the sheer white I used here is quite opaque. It is described as cloudy sheer white on its website. If you don't have a cloudy sheer white, use a white creme instead.

Things used:
Mint blue polish no.1 (used to draw dots only): Sephora by OPI Cartwheels On the Catwalk SE 325
Mint blue polish no.2 (on index finger): China glaze re-fresh mint 867
Mint blue polish no.3 (on middle finger): Essie Absolutely shore 758
Sheer white polish: Essie marshmallow 63
Silver white textured polish: OPI liquid sand solitaire NL M49

icy blue with opi liquid sand solitaire

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(I am not paid and all the materials I used in this post were bought using my own money.)

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