Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Japanese Style Rabbits

Last Thursday was the Mid-Autumn festival. I wanted to do something related to it so I did this Japanese style rabbits nail design. This design again requires some free hand techniques that I am so bad at. Please excuse me for my ugly drawings. And I kind of cheated by using the Sally Hansen Nail Art pen to draw. The result wasn't very good. It looks like I used correction pen to draw. You can see the rabbit I drew with it cracked after I put on the matte top coat. So, I recommend using the traditional method, a nail art pen and a white polish. :( No shortcut this time.

Japanese style rabbits nail
Japanese Style Rabbits Nail

To achieve this look, you will need a pink polish, a white polish, a red polish, a gold glitter polish, a matte top coat (optional) and some nail art pens. I found out I don't have a pink creme polish, so I used a pink jelly instead. I did several coats to make it opaque and it turned out pretty good.

1. First, apply base coat to all your nails.
2. Apply pink polish to the thumb, index finger and pinky. Apply red polish to the middle finger. Apply white polish to the ring finger.

Base colors of the Japanese style rabbits
Base colors of the Japanese style rabbits

3. Apply gold glitter polish sparingly to the thumb and middle finger.
4. Use a nail art pen and a dotting tool to draw some sakuras and rabbits on your nails with red and white polish.
Japaneses Style Rabbits nail tutorial
(click the image to enlarge)

5. Draw a sakura on your thumb similar to your pinky and add an extra petal.
Japaneses Style Rabbits nail
finished drawings without top coats

6. Apply top coat to all of your nails except the middle one.
7. Apply matte top coat to your middle finger (optional). It is totally OK to use normal glossy top coat.

Because my free hand drawing was too bad, I didn't do a step by step tutorial with my nails. Instead, I made a tutorial with computer drawings. I think it will be easier to understand. 

Japanese style rabbits nail tutorial
step by step tutorial of the Japanese Style Rabbits

Things used:
Pink polish: Loreal bubble trouble 605
Red polish: wet n wild Wild Shine red red 414A
White polish: Essie marshmallow 63
Gold glitter polish: Milani gold 531
Matte top coat: Essie Matte about you

Polishes used in the Japanese style rabbits
Polishes used in the Japanese style rabbits

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(I am not paid and all the materials I used in this post were bought using my own money.)

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