Monday, April 7, 2014

Vibrant Mix & Match

Vibrant Mix & Match nail tutorial
Vibrant Mix & Match nail tutorial

Today, I am going share a mix & match design with a more energetic feel to it. I like neutral tone nails. Whenever I can't think of a specific theme, I usually reach for the nudes and the neutral colors. However, sometimes you just want something fun and bold. That is why I thought of this nail design. To achieve this look, you will need a white polish, black polish, dark blue polish, orange red polish, a gold glitter polish, some clear rhinestones, some striping tapes, and a dotting tool.

Vibrant Mix & Match

1. First, apply base coat to all your nails.
2. Apply base color according to the photo below.

Vibrant Mix & Match nail base color
Base color of the Vibrant Mix & Match

3. For your middle finger, put a stone at the corner of your nail. It will be used as a guide for the polka dots.

Vibrant Mix & Match nail 1
Middle finger with rhinestone

4. Use a dotting tool to draw some dots with a white polish.
5. For your thumb, draw some dots without the rhinestone.

Vibrant Mix & Match nail 2
Polka dots with white polish
Vibrant Mix & Match nail 3
Thumb with polka dots without rhinestones

6. Use striping tape on your index finger. Apply black polish on it. Then, remove it carefully.

Vibrant Mix & Match nail 4
index finger with striping tape
Vibrant Mix & Match nail 5
black polish over the tapes
Vibrant Mix & Match nail 6
Tapes removed

5. Apply top coat to all your nails and you are done! Isn't it easy ^^

Vibrant Mix & Match nail finished

Remember to let the polishes dry completely before putting tapes on them. You can apply a thin coat of fast drying top coat before taping if you like. If you make mistakes, use a nail art brush to fix it. It doesn't matter if the surface is uneven. A good top coat will smooth it out.

Some alternatives:
Striping tape: You can use a nail art liner or a thin nail art brush instead. Use some scotch tape to cover the sides of your finger and draw the lines carefully.
Rhinestone: You can skip the stones. Just draw the dots with white polish.
Orange red polish: You can use red polish instead.

Things used:
Dark blue polish: Nicole by OPI Wavy Navy NI 296
White polish: wet n wild Wild Shine French White 449C
Black polish: wet n wild Wild Shine Black Creme 424A
Gold glitter polish: china glaze Blonde Bombshell 80769
Orange red polish: Essie meet me at sunset 556

Vibrant Mix & Match nail polish
Things used in the Vibrant Mix & Match nail

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(I am not paid and all the materials I used in this post were bought using my own money.)

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