Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!! So, tomorrow is Halloween. I am going share a design which is simply called "Happy Halloween". I know I am too lazy on the naming thing. To achieve this look, you will need a white creme polish, orange creme polish, a yellow texture polish (of course, yellow creme works too), a black glitter polish, a black creme polish, dotting tools or toothpicks and some Scotch tape.

Happy Halloween Nail
Happy Halloween Nail

1. First, apply base coat to all your nails.
2. Apply black glitter to the thumb, index and pinky. Apply white polish to the middle finger. Apply yellow textured polish to the ring finger.

Happy Halloween Nail base color
Happy Halloween Nail base color

3. Put Scotch tape around your nail of the ring finger. Apply orange polish in the middle of your nail. Paint from left to right to get a straight edge.

On the ring finger of Happy Halloween Nail
On the ring finger

4. After it dries, apply white polish on the top part of your nail. Carefully remove the tape.

Happy Halloween Nail ring finger
Ring finger finished

5. Put scotch tape around your nail of the middle finger. Apply black glitter polish to make the stripes. Carefully remove the tape.

Happy Halloween Nail middle finger
Use Scotch tape around your nail on the middle finger
Happy Halloween Nail middle finger
Middle finger finished

6. Take a piece of Scotch tape and fold it in half with the sticky sides out. Use a pair of scissors to cut out half a circle on the folded side. Unfold the tape and you will have a small hole in the middle. It will be the head of the boo. Continue to cut out the bottom part and both hands.
7. Stick the tape on your thumb and apply white polish on it.

Happy Halloween Nail thumb
Apply white polish on your thumb

8. Carefully remove the tape.

Happy Halloween Nail thumb
Scotch tape removed

9. Use a dotting tool or a toothpick to draw the eyes and mouth with black polish.

Happy Halloween Nail thumb
Thumb finished

10. Apply top coat to all of your nails.

Happy Halloween Nail
Happy Halloween Nail finished

Remember to let the polishes dry completely before putting tapes on them. You can apply a thin coat of fast drying top coat before taping if you like. Before taping, stick the Scotch tape to your hand several times to reduce the stickiness of it. If you make mistakes, use a nail art pen to fix it. It doesn't matter if the surface is uneven. A good top coat will smooth it out.

Some alternatives:
Yellow texture polish: You can use a regular yellow creme polish. I chose the texture polish just because I think it might be fun to make a gumdrop candy corn.
Black glitter polish: The black glitter polish used here is actually a black base with green fine glitter in it. It is not very obvious but I think it looks very "Halloween" so I chose it instead of a regular black polish. You can use a regular black creme or a black glitter of your choice.

Things used:
White polish: wet n wild Wild Shine French White 449C
Orange polish: Essie fear or desire 921
Yellow polish: Nicole by OPI Gumdrop Lemon Lolly NI 427
Black glitter polish: china glaze Smoke and Ashes 1127
Black polish: china glaze Liquid Leather 544

Happy Halloween Nail polishes
Polishes used in Happy Halloween Nail
Below is a graphic version of this tutorial. Hope you will like it.

Happy Halloween Nail tutorial
Happy Halloween Nail tutorial

Thank you very much for reading. I hope you like my post and find it useful. Please follow my blog. Also on pinterest and instagram. Thank you and Happy Halloween!!

(I am not paid and all the materials I used in this post were bought using my own money.)

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